General Centre Information

CONTRIBUTIONS AND CHARGES - Includes Stationary Lists

The Joint Schools’ Council  endorses the schedule of Voluntary Contributions and Charges each year.  The schedule is broken into sections allowing you to see all costs that you may incur throughout the school year:

School Fees        $40 per student

Charges               $60 Cooking

Other Charges including swimming, excursions etc ​ read more, click on the button.

School Uniforms

The Centre shares the same uniform as our partner primary school - this means all students on the site wear the same uniform. 


The joint P&C runs the uniform shop which is open every:

Tuesday  and Thursday morning from 8.30am - 9.00am.

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Please Note: There is currently a delay in all orders.  We hope to have the problems rectified very soon. If you are experiencing delays or any other uniform issue please contact the Centre's administration on 94879502.

Book lists:

Student requirements lists are contained within the Contributions and Charges document for each year level.


Unfortunate, due to financial reason the Canteen is no longer operating.​