Coolbellup Learning Centre and Coolbellup Community School's Joint School Council

The Learning Centre and Community School have a wonderful shared school community and run a combined Schools Council.

The School Council meets once a term in  week 5  and is an integral part of the running of both schools.

Representatives from both schools' parent bodies, both school staffs, a P&C and a community representative make up the annually elected Council.

The AGM is open to all members of the schools' community.

Members of this year's Council are:

Pauline WInrow (Principal CLC)

Ray Knight (Principal CCS) Chairperson

Juliet Stratton (CLC Teacher Representative) 

                                    Caroline Churchill (CCS Teacher Representative)

                                    Lina Castro (CLC Parent Representative)

                                    Michaela Driessen (CCS Parent Representative)

                        Donna Buckley (P&C Representative)

                       Claire Suter (Community Representative)

The Council chairperson is Ray Knight, for more information about the Council please contact (08) 9337 3268.

Next Meeting
Tuesday September 1st 9.30am

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