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Coolbellup Learning Centre has a combined schools’ P&C  with the Coolbellup Community School - with whom they share a site.  

The P&C aims to improve facilities and enrich the lives of all our students.

The P&C runs the  uniform shop and school banking.  

The canteen is open on Fridays and is operated by the Canteen coordinator and volunteer parents.

We encourage parents and carers to assist us as much as possible.

The P&C hold fundraisers throughout the school year including Easter and Christmas raffles,Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day raffles and of course the good old Bunning's Sausage Sizzle!. 

P&C meetings are held  each month in the schools' board room and meetings are advertised in the school newsletter, on the Facebook page and this website.. Everyone is welcome to attend. Membership of the P&C is one dollar.


We look forward to meeting you there.


                   Office bearers 2019:

                                          Chairperson:        Michaela Driessen

                          President:                  Michaela Driessen

                                                                                                            Vice President:          Jane Burnett

 Secretary/Treasurer:    Maria Maddalena

Executive Committee:  Lina Castro, Georgina Cresswell, Tanya Irving,

                                         Michelle Howell, Sarah Grehan                         


                                                                                                       Principals:                             Pauline Winrow (CLC), Ray Knight (CCS)

                                                                                                        School Council P&C Rep:    Donna Buckley


                     Book Club coordinator:        Jo Arnold


                     Uniform Shop Coordinator:   Maria Maddalena (acting)

Uniform Shop:       Tuesday and  Thursdays 8.30 - 9.00am


Should any member of the school community like to be involved please do not hesitate to contact the

President - or feel free to attend the next meeting.

Contact us:

Keep up to date with P&C and school news through our Facebook page. Find the link

and like us!             

This is also an excellent way to get in touch with the P&C for information.


Take care.

Michaela Driessen
P&C President              

   Meeting Dates:

February 20th 2020 TBC

    Time: 2-3pm


Our Partnership with Gilbert's Fresh:
We continue our fundraising efforts through the Gilbert’s SOS program. Participants sign on and every shop contributes to a running total of which the school receives 1%. Thank you to the efforts of the 19 families who have signed on so far.
Go to your local Hilton Store to sign up for the SOS programme for our schools
- membership is open to everyone.

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