Home Learning Support

Each of our students has an IEP - these are written collaboratively and shared with families. The IEP is a great place to start when you are working with your child at home.

Our school also uses Reading Eggs and Maths Seeds within our programs.  Students have access to these programs from home -  Parents/carers have been provided with the access code - which is the same code for both programs.

Functional Programs are focused on at school and are a great to focus on when working with your child at home.

Here are some ideas - which count as learning opportunities:

  • washing dishes

  • setting the table

  • making the bed

  • collecting and sorting washing

  • dressing and shoe lace tying 

  • feeding pets

  • writing lists

  • cooking and food preparation

  • any counting activity

  • rhymes and singing

  • listening to and playing music

  • reading books, magazines

  • swimming

  • riding a bike

  • puzzles and games


There are a range of websites with great free activities aimed at the diverse needs of our students.  The Australian Special Education Principals' Association - ASEPA - has a list on their website.www.asepa.edu.au

The Department of Education is also providing parents with a range of curriculum access materials at their Learning at home website.  The website is now available and resources will continue to be added over the coming weeks.  This site also  contains information regarding student health and well being.


Some families will continue to have access and/or support from their regular 

therapy providers.  Following your child's therapy programme at home will

provide you with a range of additional activities.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


New STEM parent booklet for families with children in Kindergarten to Year 2

Exploring STEM at home provides parents with activities and ideas to support their children’s learning and development at home.

Click on the link to Download your copy of Exploring STEM at home.

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